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The Retirement G.R.I.P

We have developed a registered trademarked program called, "The Retirement G.R.I.P." which is an acronym for Guaranteed Retirement Income Plan. This plan uses the safety and guarantees of the fixed indexed annuity that removes all market risks. However, it participates in the upside market growths. Then once this upside market growth is locked in, (on the anniversary date) this growth can never be taken away by market corrections. (Loss)  Then at the client's wishes or desires we can turn on a unique feature called the Guaranteed Income Rider (Immediately, if the client wishes).

The guaranteed income rider will provide a guaranteed income for as long the client lives, even if the client outlives their principal. Another unique feature of most guaranteed income rider features is if the client should ever need additional income for unexpected long term care needs, the income in most cases doubles, for a specified number of years or until the full accumulated value of the annuity has been used up.

If the client is still living after using all of their principal, their guaranteed income reverts back to the amount of the original guaranteed lifetime payment. Last, but not least any and all remaining values of the annuities are passed to the beneficiaries without probate, in most cases. If these funds are qualified funds, then we here at Safe Money Marketing, are qualified and trained to assist the beneficiary to set up an inherited stretched IRA that allows the beneficiary to stretch the IRA to the maximum allowed under IRS rules and regulations.

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