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Navigating the Financial Roller Coaster

October 2015 | | Article By: Glenn Herring

Most investors have come to accept the reality of market loss when investing, and the idea of waiting years to recover what they’ve lost in their retirement access. That is hardly the ideal retirement. 

Boston College’s National Retirement Risk Index states that Americans retirees have a 68% chance of outliving their investment/retirement funds…

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To Earn a Fortune, To Keep a Fortune

September 2014 | Fortune | Article By: Glenn Herring

A few days ago, a baby boomer asked me, “How can I protect my retirement account?” He asked this after sharing that upon building a sizable 401k, he then watched it fall from an all-time high at the pinnacle of the dot-com era to a value of…

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5 Cardinal Rules of Retirement Planning

October 2013 | Fox Business | Article By: Glenn Herring

Whether you are currently retired or planning for retirement, there are five cardinal rules investors must follow to provide a stress-free retirement.

There is an investment product that will achieve all five of these rules, automatically. Although it has been around for almost two decades, many haven’t heard of it. It is called…

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